Frequently asked questions

Previous editions

  • When was the previous edition?

    The previous edition of The Tall Ships Races in Antwerp was in 2016. This was the sixth time the ships had moored up in Antwerp.

  • How many times has Antwerp been able to host sailing ships?

    July 2022 will mark the seventh time that Antwerp will be the host city for the magnificent Tall Ships Races.

Race and ships

  • How will the sailing race be run?

    The Tall Ships Races 2022 consist of 2 races. The first race starts on 7 July in Esbjerg (Denmark) and ends in Harlingen (Netherlands). The ships will sail from there to Antwerp and arrive on 22 July. On 25 July, the ships will set off on the second race towards Aalborg (Denmark). Trainees can choose which race to participate in.

  • Which ships are participating in The Tall Ships Races 2022?

    Dozens of ships will participate in The Tall Ships Races. The list is not yet complete, so check back often to stay informed! Discover the participating ships.

  • The ships belong to a certain class. What is the difference between these classes?

    The classification into classes is mainly related to the length of the ship and the way a ship is rigged. This refers only to the length of the hull; therefore, it does not include the bowsprit, the pulpit or other protrusions. 

    Class A

    The largest Tall Ships belong to class A. Class A ships are longer than 40 metres and are square-rigged.

    Class B

    A sailing vessel that is traditionally rigged and is 9,14 to 40 metres in length belongs to Class B.

    Class C and D

    Is a ship between 9,14 and 40 metres, but does it have modern rigging? Then it belongs to class C or D. Class C ships do not have a spinnaker (a headsail that makes you sail faster). Class D ships do have this.

During the event

  • Do I have to pay for this event?

    No, the ships are free to tour and visit from 10am to 6pm. Activities in the city are also free.

  • Do I need to make a reservation before I visit a tall ship?

    No, the ships are free to visit* during opening hours. Come to the city and take a look onboard of your favourite tall ship!

    *  Due to circumstances, captains can decide to (temporarilty) close their ship to visitors.

  • How many visitors are expected?

    At previous editions, more than 500,000 national and international visitors came to Antwerp. Expect at least as many this year!

  • How can I reach the event?

    We expect a lot of enthusiasts and thus big crowds during the event. Arrive in good time and check how to get here before you leave. Ideally, leave your car at home, and use public transport, a bike or scooter, or come on foot. Find the most efficient route at

  • Can visitors book a sailing trip during the event?

    No sailing trips are offered during The Tall Ships Races in Antwerp, but you can visit most of the ships in the harbour.