Frequently asked questions

Race and ships

  • How will the sailing race be run?

    The Tall Ships Races 2022 consist of 2 races. The first race starts on 7 July in Esbjerg (Denmark) and ends in Harlingen (Netherlands). The ships will sail from there to Antwerp and arrive on 22 July. On 25 July, the ships will set off on the second race towards Aalborg (Denmark). Trainees can choose which race to participate in.

  • Which ships are participating in The Tall Ships Races 2022?

    Dozens of ships will participate in The Tall Ships Races. The list is not yet complete, so check back often to stay informed! Discover the participating ships.

  • The ships belong to a certain class. What is the difference between these classes?

    The classification into classes is mainly related to the length of the ship and the way a ship is rigged. This refers only to the length of the hull; therefore, it does not include the bowsprit, the pulpit or other protrusions. 

    Class A

    The largest Tall Ships belong to class A. Class A ships are longer than 40 metres and are square-rigged.

    Class B

    A sailing vessel that is traditionally rigged and is 9,14 to 40 metres in length belongs to Class B.

    Class C and D

    Is a ship between 9,14 and 40 metres, but does it have modern rigging? Then it belongs to class C or D. Class C ships do not have a spinnaker (a headsail that makes you sail faster). Class D ships do have this.

  • Can I follow the race?

    Do you want to know which ship is in the lead during the races? Then check out the tracking page of Sail Training International. Select the race which you want to follow and click on a ship. Then you will get the most important information and the most recent ranking. Cheer them on!


  • When and where do the ships arrive?

    The ships arrive at different times between Wednesday 20 July and the afternoon of Friday 22 July.

    When a ship berths in the docks, it will sail through the northern locks into the harbour area and then sail towards City Port. Is a ship moored at the Quays? Then it will sail up the Scheldt.

    Want to know where a ship is located? You can see the most recent position on Marine Traffic. Soon, you will also see the estimated time of arrival in Antwerp.

    Do you want to follow the entire fleet during the races? Visit Sail Training Internationals’ tracking page and rooth for your favourite ship!


  • When and where do the ships depart?

    The ships will depart on Monday 25 July between 10am and 3pm. They are sailing north. Exact times will follow soon.

Viewing and photographing ships

  • Can I view the ships from the air?

    You can book a helicopter ride during The Tall Ships Races. You will then take off in Kallo and fly over the event site for 7 minutes. You will see all the ships at once and enjoy a stunning view. Book your timeslot online via Helisail.

  • Can I watch the ships from the water?

    There are several possibilities for watching the ships from the water. At the MAS, you can get on board a cruise with Antwerp Boat Tours. Book online at or visit the booth next to Nassaubrug on the day. You can pre-book a boat for your party for a minimum amount of €280. On the day itself, you pay €35 per person and sit with other visitors.

    Other passenger ships, such as River Tours or Flandria, also offer cruises

  • Where do I best position myself to watch the ships depart?

    The ships will depart on 25 July between 10am and 3pm. Do you want to wave the ships off? Then head down to the Quays and the docks to see them off. Do you want to know when a ship is leaving? Then check out Marine Traffic. Search using the ship name and check out the “actual time of departure” (ATD) or the “estimated time of departure” (ETD)

    Do you want to see the entire fleet sailing by? Then it is best to position yourself further north, for example near Lillo or on the Bath bend. For more ship spotting areas, check out Port of Antwerp-Bruges.

  • Are drones allowed during the event?

    In accordance with European regulations, it is not permitted to fly an unmanned aircraft, such as a drone, over gatherings of people where there are so many people present that it is not possible to move out of the way. (Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/947 of 24 May 2019 on the rules and procedures for the operation of unmanned aerial vehicles).

    Consequently, unmanned aircraft are not permitted to fly over the Tall Ships Races.

    The perimeter of the event extends from the Port House along Entrepotkaai and Lange Koepoortstraat to Groenplaats, including the banks of the Scheldt. In this zone, it is not possible to fly an unmanned aircraft as a matter of public safety.


  • I want to visit a ship. What should I be aware of?

    Want to board a ship during The Tall Ships Races? Then follow these guidelines for an enjoyable visit:

    • The ships have parquet floors. Do not wear heels or shoes that could damage the ship’s parquet, such as stiletto heels or shoes with spiked soles.
    • You can access the ships via a rope ladder or gangway. This may be steep and narrow. So hold on tight when you walk over it and enter the ship.
    • The crew works hard to make the ship look pristine, please respect this while on board. Do not leave rubbish behind, do not smoke on board and leave your food or drink back on land.
    • The ships look forward to welcoming you, but some ships may not be accessible (temporarily). The captain is in charge of the ship and can deny access if he deems it necessary. That could relate to safety, briefing his crew, etc.
    • Animals are not allowed onboard.
    • There may be queues to board a ship. Children are likely to join us, so please do not smoke in the queue.
    • The event will take place on the waterfront, please be careful at this location and keep a close eye on small children.
  • Do I need to make a reservation before I visit a tall ship?

    No, the ships are free to visit* during opening hours. Come to the city and take a look onboard of your favourite tall ship!

    *  Due to circumstances, captains can decide to (temporarilty) close their ship to visitors.

  • Do I have to pay for this event?

    No, the ships are free to tour and visit from 10am to 6pm. Activities in the city are also free.

  • How many visitors are expected?

    At previous editions, more than 500,000 national and international visitors came to Antwerp. Expect at least as many this year!

  • How can I reach the event?

    We expect a lot of enthusiasts and thus big crowds during the event. Arrive in good time and check how to get here before you leave. Ideally, leave your car at home, and use public transport, a bike or scooter, or come on foot. Find the most efficient route at

  • Where can I park my car/bike?

    Are you coming by car to The Tall Ships Races? As we are expecting large crowds, we do not recommend you drive your car all the way into the city centre. Park your car in a Park and Ride on the outskirts of the city and take the tram or a bike to the event.

    Are you coming by bike? Then park your bike in one of the additional bike racks:

    • on Steenplein
    • at the MAS (Godefriduskaai and Laureiskaai)
    • at the Port House (Madrasstraat and Merantiskaai)

    The event is also easily accessible by public transport and on foot. Check the complete accessibility.

  • Where can I stay during The Tall Ships Races?

    Are you planning to visit the city for several days? Make sure to book your hotel quickly. Partner Hotel ‘t Sandt still has a few rooms available. Other hotels in Antwerp will also be more than happy to accommodate you. You can find an overview on Moonback.

  • Is the event suitable for children?

    Children are very welcome at The Tall Ships Races! There is a musical programme and entertainment for the little ones.

    Are you boarding a ship? Then keep a close eye on your child, as no special safety measures are taken for children. It is also best not to take a buggy on board, the historic ships are not equipped for this and sometimes have narrow passages.

    Tip: At the first aid station, get a wristband for your child and fill out your information on it. That way, lost children can be reunited with their parents quickly.

  • Is the event accessible to wheelchairs?

    Wheelchair users can view the ships from the promenade. It is best to come early in the morning, when it is less crowded. Unfortunately, it is not possible to board the ships with a wheelchair. The historic ships have narrow and tricky passages.

    At Zaha Hadidplein, you can enjoy the performances on a wheelchair stage. Again, it’s best to arrive early for a good spot.

    A few parking spots are available for disabled persons. You can find them near the Port House in the ‘Merantistraat’.

  • Where is the best place to watch the fireworks display?

    Watch the fireworks display at various locations around the city. Go to these places for a good view:

    • Loodswezen
    • Rijnkaai
    • Droogdokkenpark
    • Limaplein
    • Zaha Hadidplein
    • Kattendijkdok
    • Verbindingsdok

Practical information

  • How do I pay for food and drinks?

    You can pay with a rechargeable card at all event areas. You can get this card for free and charge it with money at the ticket offices, using cash or a debit card. You can also recharge your card using payconiq via smartphone. Any remaining balance can be easily reclaimed after the event, until 9 August, via

    Still not quite clear? Learn more about rechargeable cards.

  • How does the reusable cup system work?

    To keep the carbon footprint as low as possible, we work with reusable cups and plates. Those go back to the bar when you have finished eating or drinking. It works as follows:

    For the use of a cup or plate, you pay a €2 deposit. When you place an order, this deposit is automatically deducted from your card. When you leave the event, you can:

    • donate your deposit to the River Cleanup charity by putting your cup in the donation box
    • return your cup at the trade-in point and get €2 added to your rechargeable card

    From 9am on 27 July until 11:59pm on 9 August, you can reclaim this deposit along with the remaining balance at There are trade-in points next to the bar on each square. You only pay a deposit once. When you order a new drink at the bar, you will be given a clean cup, in exchange for the used cup.

  • I still have money on my card. How can I request a refund?

    Still have money on your rechargable card? Between 27 July at 9am and 9 August at 11:59pm, you can request a refund. Attention: after that period, a refund is no longer possible.

    How does it work?

    • Make an account by entering your email address and your name. Choose a password
    • Enter the number of your rechargable card. You can find this number on your card, behind ‘kaartcode’
    • You get an overview of you payments and your current balance
    • When there’s still money on your card, click on the ‘refund’ button
    • Enter the IBAN (bank account number) on which you want the money to be diposited.
    • Enter the name of the card holder
    • Click on ‘request a refund’ and the money will be refunded. This will happen around 22 August.

    The link for your refund will be online here from 27 July on.

Previous editions

  • When was the previous edition?

    The previous edition of The Tall Ships Races in Antwerp was in 2016. This was the sixth time the ships had moored up in Antwerp.

  • How many times has Antwerp been able to host sailing ships?

    July 2022 will mark the seventh time that Antwerp will be the host city for the magnificent Tall Ships Races.