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A fantastic experience

In July 2022, Antwerp will once again host the world-famous Tall Ships Races. Quite an honour, as it is the largest competition for sail training ships in the world!

Worldwide, thousands of young people participate as a trainee each year. 100 Belgian young people make up the ‘Antwerp Crew’. Are you curious about our trainees’ adventures? Follow their story on Facebook and Instagram.

Trainees Tall Ships Races

What does being a trainee involve?

On board

Get to know life at sea! Experienced or not quite yet? No problem! Because on board, you will find yourself under the wing of an experienced ship’s crew. These professionals look forward to welcoming young people like you each summer. Being at the helm, hoisting the sails, cooking for the crew, climbing the masts… all these tasks you perform as a team, under the supervision of the permanent crew.

There are two stages where you can get on board:

Harlingen – Antwerp: 16/07/2022 – 24/07/2022

Antwerp – Aalborg: 24/07/2022 – 06/08/2022


At sea you meet yourself, on land the rest of the world. At the various ports, there will be some time for festivities and relaxation. Each host city welcomes the sailing ships of The Tall Ships Races with a major event. You will get a taste of the local culture there, participate in sports activities and show visitors around your ship.

Trainees Tall Ships Races

Why take part as a trainee?

As a trainee, you will experience an unforgettable journey! While taking part in The Tall Ships Races, you will also develop professional skills:

  •       Teamwork
  •       Tackling challenges and pushing your limits
  •       Problem-solving mindset
  •       Communicating with people from other cultures
  •       Taking responsibility

Everything you learn aboard a sailing ship will come in handy in your professional life. So taking part will look good on your CV. During a job interview, you will have something to talk about right away!

Do you meet these requirements?

  •       You have a valid passport or ID card
  •       You have health insurance
  •       Are you under 18? Then you need permission from your parents
  •       You do not need any previous knowledge or sailing experience
  •       Some sailing ships are specially equipped for disabled people and provide assistance for young people with disabilities

Are you enthused and ready to take part as a trainee? Then be sure to complete the contact form!

 Would you and your company like to support a trainee? Then go for a trainee sponsorship!

Cast off your ropes and leave with us on the journey of a lifetime.