You can request your refund here

Still have money on your rechargable card? Until 9 August at 11:59pm, you can request a refund. Attention: after that period, a refund is no longer possible.

How does it work?

Click this link to go to the refund platform

  • If necessary, select your language in the rop right corner
  • Make an account by entering your email address and your name. Choose a password
  • Enter the number of your rechargable card. You can find this number on your card, behind ‘kaartcode’
  • You get an overview of you payments and your current balance
  • When there’s still money on your card, click on the ‘refund’ button
  • Enter the IBAN (bank account number) on which you want the money to be diposited.
  • Enter the name of the card holder
  • Click on ‘request a refund’ and the money will be refunded. This will happen around 22 August.