How sustainable are The Tall Ships Races in Antwerp?

Climate-friendly initiatives

Taking good care of the climate is important. The Tall Ships Races in Antwerp will therefore take place in the most sustainable way possible. From green electricity to catering equipment, the organisation has a climate-friendly solution in place.

What are the specific measures?

  • CO₂ offsetting: the organisation is spending 12,500 euros to have trees planted in Flanders to offset the event’s CO₂ emissions.
  • Sustainable energy: all electricity used during The Tall Ships Races in Antwerp is green electricity. When there is wind, the windmills behind the Port House will generate the electricity.
  • A snack and a drink? They will all come in reusable packaging!
  • If you return your cup or food tray, you can choose to either receive the deposit back or donate it to River Cleanup. As such, you too are playing your part, as River Cleanup is committed to removing as much waste as possible from the rivers.
  • Materials used: all materials purchased by the organisation, such as t-shirts for the trainees or printed materials, are sustainably and locally produced.
  • Rubbish on the street? Definitely not! Throw your rubbish in the bin, that way the eco-team will have less work to do to clean up the public spaces. For this same reason, no flyers will be distributed on the site.


Will you help us make it a sustainable event?